Free-fall abseiling 114 metres to the ground isn’t for everyone, especially those who are afraid of heights.  But despite his reservations, that’s exactly what CBC Account Executive, Luke Mullett did when he jumped off the UK’s tallest sculpture – the ArcelorMittal Orbit tower in London’s Olympic Park – to raise money for CBC’s community partner, Richard House Hospice.

Early in September, Luke arrived at the Olympic Park with his wife and family to face his fear.  After a safety induction and checks, there was no backing out and it was time to go.

Recalled Luke, “As I stepped off the platform a gust of wind spun me around and my nerves took over for the first few metres as I tried to control the speed of my drop.  But once I had control, I could hear my children cheering me on and I managed to look around and enjoy the view during the four-minute descent.”

Back on the ground, Luke described, “Feeling such a huge buzz and a real sense of achievement.” And of top of all that, via a complete coincidence, he and his family met some medal winning Paralympians who were being filmed for a television programme and his wife ended up appearing on Channel 4 news that evening!

When asked if he would do it again, Luke responded, “Yes, I wouldn’t think twice.  Not only has it helped me to overcome my fear, but with the support of friends and colleagues, we have raised £1,000 for Richard House Hospice.  Given the difficulties of the last 18 months, it was fantastic to be able to contribute to the charity’s first public event since lockdown ended and to raise money for such a special cause.”