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“CBC UK Limited” says CEO Rob Cottingham, “Is all about people. We have built and continue to build longstanding relationships based on trust, both with our clients and with underwriters at Lloyd’s and London market insurers.

“We are passionate about doing what we do, which is not bog-standard off-the-shelf insurance, but is about delivering our clients the cover that they actually need. We are dedicated to making sure that what we provide is competitively priced and does what it’s meant to do, which is to pay a valid claim.

“The world is increasingly reliant on algorithms and automated systems to deliver results, but we recognise that our clients live real lives. We thrive on remaining flexible and adaptable, retaining our sense of humour and our sense of perspective – and on our quick response to challenge and changing demands.

“For us face-to-face personal communication and care for our clients is hardwired into our DNA. We enjoy working with our clients and are always accountable to them. We don’t want to be clever; we don’t want gimmicks. We just want to say ‘This is what we do and we do it well.’ And we do.

“We measure our success against our intention for the business which is, to employ quality people, act with integrity, innovation and excellence, whilst having fun and creating monetary value. Whenever we follow the component parts of this intention, we succeed. Conversely, in areas where we fall short, we generally discover that we have strayed from the intention.

“CBC UK Limited was established 35 years ago, so we have a wealth of experience across all our divisions with dedicated, enthusiastic people working within them.” Chairman Andrew Wallas adds, “We recognise that our company is those people – knowledgeable, inspiring and inspired. So after the management buy-out in February 2017, everyone here became a shareholder in the company. It means our roots are strong as we work together to create our future in the years ahead. It’s very exciting.”