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Originally established in 1985, CBC UK Limited is a private company that on the 17th February 2017 was bought out by its management. By the 17th of March that year every one of its 42 employees had become a shareholder in the company. With specialist expert teams in the company’s eight divisions; Art and Private Clients, Corporate Risks, International, Healthcare, Specialty, MGA & Binding Authorities and Motor Fleets, our dynamic and motivated organisation says CEO Rob Cottingham “is inspired to provide the best quality innovative products at the most competitive prices.”

We offer a wealth of experience and specialist expertise and powerful, enduring relationships with underwriters at Lloyd’s and London market insurers. These markets support our clients who also value our clear communication and close collaboration. We appoint a dedicated expert advisor from within CBC to each of our clients to assist with all aspects of their insurance. The advisor is readily contactable by phone or email and is directly accountable to our clients.

By remaining flexible, aware of the latest innovations and immediately responsive to changing needs, we at CBC maintain and cherish longstanding relationships with our clients. These relationships are solid, built on trust because we show that with care and good humour we can always be relied upon to deliver in our client’s best interests.